Homemade ice cream lollies

Homemade ice cream lollies
6 януари 2021

When using silicone mini mugs as molds it is very easy to remove the frozen ice cream, they are easy to clean and of course dishwasher safe. 

The practical Done by Deer silicone tableware is temperature safe from -40°C to 230°C - suitable for both making ice cream and baking.  

colourful silicone cups / mugs - Done by deer

Silicone dinner set Powder silicone mini mug - Mustard silicone mini mug - Powder silicone plate

Whether you are planning a fun staycation or just looking for a weekend activity with kids making ice cream is great fun. 

Keep reading to get a recipe for yogurt ice cream. 

You will need: 

2 cups of greek style yogurt

½ cup of whipping cream

3 tbs. honey

3 tbs. fruitjuice or puree of your choice, e.g. strawberry

1 teasp. vanilla powder

Slices of fruit (for decoration) like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mango, banana or kiwi.

5 Wooden sticks suitable for food 

5 Silicone mini mugs 

colourful silicone cups / mugs - Done by deer

Blue silicone mini mug - Powder silicone mini mugMustard silicone mini mug

How to combine:

Mix yoghurt, whipping cream, honey, fruit juice/puree and vanilla powder 

Put slices of fruit inside the silicone mugs, so they stick to the sides

Fill the mugs with the yoghurt mixture

Put a stick half way down each mug

Freeze overnight


colourful silicone cups / mugs - Done by deer

The Done by Deer silicone mini mugs are available in 5 cool colours matching the rest of the silicone collection.

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